Holiday in Corse

Vacanza in Corsica

Corse it’s an island with historic italian roots: still today it points its finger towards Genova. She’s like a very unusual French lady that retains untouched the taste of the sea, of the nature that surrounds her and its inhabitants.

Having the chance of discover Corse by sea it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Its pristine land preserves places accessible only by sea. The sailor and its crew will be gifted by breathtaking views and spots.

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Crystal-clear waters, endless beaches of white sand, little desert bays and wild rocks where only albatros fly: Corse will offer you one of the most intense variety of landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here, more than 1000 km of coast are a succession of magic places where you can dive, swim or fish. On the north-west coast, Agriates beaches are among the wildest and most authentic of the island. On the south, near the Ile Russe area, Balagne will show you the most intense light blue, above the rocks on the clear seabed.

On the Porto Bay area, you will find beaches in a pristine nature, crowded of people or almost desert: the choice is yours. The breath-taking landscape of Calanche will dazzle you. From Bonifacio to Porto Vecchio instead, amazing long beaches run for chilometres, up to Solenzara, where a pearly beach will welcome you in its arms of emerald-green water.

Even in the summer you can find the perfect, uncrowded spot where enjoying the warm water (you can take baths till October!). The fascination continues under water, where are tresured incredibly colorful rocks and fishes.


Corse is very different from the idea we have of the typical Mediterranean island: it’s very much greener than you think. Green as its Castagnaccia forest with chestnut trees, green like its native vegetation, the well-known “macchia mediterranea“.  Green like its alpine trees on the highest peaks or its mountain lakes in the Aitone region, or the full-grown olives of Nebbio and the falls of Restonica. With more than 2000 vegetal species, Corse will blind you with its colors. 5 natural reserves still protect today a unique wildlife heritage.

Chez Huguette Imeuble Poullion, Bastia 0495313760

l’Imprevu rue de l’Ancienne Poste, Bastia 0495317946

Le Jean Bart vieux Port, Bastia 0495313631

A casa di pasta rue Joseph Pietri, Porto Vecchio 0495270321

Sous la Tonnelle rue Abbatucci, Porto Vecchio 0495700217

U tavonu rue Camille Pietri, Propriano 0495761110

Coconut’s av.Christophe Colomb, Calvi 0660214099

Capuccino, Calvi 0495651119

Captain Resto Port de Plaisance, Calvi, 0495651170

Au bon amis rue Clemencau, Calvi 0495650501

Chez Dumè rue Napoleon 0495628320

A Siesta sur la Marinella 0495602874

La Caramama Sartene, 0495734111

U Passaghjiu Sartene 0495734264

L’altru versu Ajaccio 0495500522

La Crique Ajaccio 0495520579

La Palma Ajaccio 0495102296

Paillotte Le Rivoli Porticcio 0671093830

Culture and Tradition

Corse culture perpetrates since centuries its tradition, fiercely preserved. They find a natural expression in the voices, in the music and in the craftsmanship of this island. You cannot miss the village fairs, where you’ll meet the authentic Corse way of living and you’ll taste the gastronomic peaks of the culinary tradition. In these same festivals you can hear the most genuine voice of Corse: the night will resonate with the “paghjelle”, traditional songs still performed live.

Architecture is rich: in Ajacco you’ll find many napoleonic masterpieces, among them we recommend the Chappelle Imperiale and Museo Bonaparte.

In Bastia you’ll visit Cathedrale de Sainte Marie de l’Assumption, church of Saint Jean Baptiste, Sainte Croix, Saint Roch and the Cittadella (the smallest, ancient portion of the old city). Another beautiful Cittadella sits in Calvi, where you can also visit the Oratory of Saint Antoine. In Bonifacio go for Saint Dominique and the King of Aragon church. Don’t miss Tour Genoise in Porto!

Sports and Nature

Corse island offers an incredible variety of options to the ones passionate about trekking and nature. With its peaks, its mountain lakes and its views that sit among sea and altitudes, Corse will boost your holiday with memorable paths.

Capo Rosso, on the south of Porto, offers the most amazing view of the entire island, since it separes the Gulf of Porto and Gulf of Sagona, and from above you can see both in a unique breath. Another bay, called Girolata, is classified by UNESCO among the natural sites of world interest. You’ll enjoy wonderful hikes in a complete car-free environment.

For the horse-riding passionates, we point out an association for having your trip set with horses and equipment: Ferma Equestre de Croccano, route de Granace, Sartene, ph. +33(0)495771137.

Culinary Tradition

The fish lovers are in their kingdom: you can taste fish in all its culinary forms. Grilled, baked, or in the traditional corse soup: “bouillabasse”.

Cured meats are very renowned: their quality stems from the free-range bred animals.

Cheese: made from cow and goat milks, traditionally aged, vary from gentle to strong tastes.

Chestnuts flour gives life to many dishes: breakfast sweets or savoury crepes are among the best.

Olive oil, still produced from traditional procedures in the Balagne olive groves.

Honey: its always a 10 of quality thanks to the variety of the local flowers.


Vineyards are here since Greek’s times, 2500 years ago. Wines from the island are always full of characters and they never let you down. Corse has about 30 authentic wine breeds, among which “Sciacarellu”, “Niellucciu”, and “Vermentino”.

You can also try “Acquavite”, a liquor which derives from seasoned wine.


This is the best option for the adventurer who’s starting to know the sail world. Enjoy 7 days full of sea, breeze and sun.

We’ll start our journey on Friday night from Marina di Cecina (Livorno), to reach Portoazzurro in Elba island the next morning. We will sail around the whole island to reach bays with cristal-clear waters (Calanova, Fetovaia, Costa del Sole), till Biodola and the white beaches of Portoferraio. A place worth seeing is Marciana Marina, a suggestive small village set at foot of mountain Capanne. Marciana is the favourite place for the one who are looking for a memorable night.

You will choose either to spend the night in the harbour or at anchor in one of the many safe bays. From Elba we will reach Capraia island (30 miles of distance from Portoferraio): the pause here will give value to its panorama and the beauty of its little city.

For swimming and snorkeling: reach Cala Rossa and Cala Mortola. For hiking: you can cross over the entire island while trekking on ancient roman pathways.

From Capraia we’ll sail towards the north of Corse: we will pass Capo Corso to reach the port of Saint Florent (Capraia – Saint Florent: 35 miles). This small city is worth a visit with its historycal center, fortified by Genua’s Republic in XIV century, and the Old Town. Near Saint Florent we can find desert des Agriates and some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The journey will end on La Spezia, where we’ll reach the port on Monday morning.


It’s one of the most beloved journey by italian yachtsmans. Among the biggest island of the Tyrrenian Sea, Corse it’s the one who has succeded in keeping its nature mostly untouched. The painter Henry Matisse used to come here, fascinated by its light, its colours and its ever changing shines. The landscape is much varied: you can find imposive mountains, large deserts, and Caribbean-like beaches. Corse is even more: rich in artistic, cultural and historical monuments.

We will coast the West side of the island: from Capo Corso we’ll point south, favoured by North-West winds. We can touch the beautiful, small port of Centuri, and later reach Saint-Florent to start discovering the most varied landscape of the island.

We’ll be gifted with so many little, incredible bays to anchor for bathing, swimming, fishing between the red rocks on the sea bed and the crystal warm water.
The most popular beaches are located on the the southern part of the island, near Ile Rousse, between Bonifacio and Portovecchio (look for La Palombaccia and Santa Giulia). We suggest landing also in Santa Manza and Rondinara.

At the centre of the island we find the mountain range of Girolata: its peeks seem to fall directly into the sea of the Porto bay area. While swim here, you’ll see eagles, hawks and cormorants. Our perfect cruise will proceed to the famous Straits of Bonifacio.

We’ll spend some days sailing among the little islands that feels like oasis of blue, white and green: Lavezzi, Cavallo, Budelli, Spargi, La Maddalena. We will also tap the most famous bays of Costa Smeralda and visit the city of Bonifacio, marked by its 10 metres-high cliff sheer from the sea, and its fiord-like harbour.
We’ll set course on Porto Cervo, and from there we’ll sail north, coasting the eastern part of Corse. We’ll be back in the La Spezia port on monday morning.


What you’ll need: our boat are always provided with a complete inventory. You will bring just your clothes and your personal objects.

We recommend a soft, big bag, t-shirts, pullovers and trousers. You’ll find useful a pair of cotton socks, rubber-sole shoes, bikinis, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your favourite camera. Dont’t forget your music and a good book.